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Post molding system
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1. A post molding system being configured to facilitate a concrete fence post to be molded, said system comprising:
a box configured for having concrete poured therein such that said concrete is formed in the shape of said box, wherein said box has a back wall, a top side, an interior surface and an outside surface, said top side being open such that said box is configured for having said concrete poured into said box through said top side;
a cage being positioned in said box wherein said cage is configured for reinforcing said concrete when said concrete dries in said box; and
a pair of molds, each of said molds being positionable on said box wherein each of said molds is configured for forming an aperture extending through said concrete, each of said molds comprising a bracket having a central panel extending between a pair of lateral panels, said lateral panels being spaced apart from each other such that said bracket has a U-shape, said bracket having an inside surface, said inside surface corresponding to each of said lateral panels being slidable on said box while abutting said outside surface of said box, said inside surface corresponding to said central panel abutting said top side of said box.