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Food chopper
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1. A food chopper, comprising:
a housing having a guide, an upper receptacle space and a lower operating space that is delimited by a side wall and is configured to receive food to be chopped;
a chopping blade assembly disposed in the housing, the chopping blade assembly being configured to be disposed, in an upper rest position, in the upper receptacle space of the housing, the chopping blade assembly being held and guided in the guide of the housing so as to be movable to-and-fro along an operating direction counter to a force of a return spring in such a manner that the chopping blade assembly, during movement along the operating direction, is forcibly rotated and held in the upper rest position by the return spring and, in order to chop the food, is movable from the upper rest position downward against a counter-bearing face;
a tappet protruding from the housing and being configured to depress the chopping blade assembly, the tappet having a hand rest and interacting with the chopping blade assembly; and
at least one scraper element configured to be driven by rotational movement of the chopping blade assembly such that a scraper edge of the at least one scraper element is moved along an inner side of the side wall of the lower operating space, the scraper edge having an elastic lip which is configured, during rotational movement of the scraper element, to bear on the inner side of the side wall,
wherein the scraper element has a rigid support region which protrudes downward into the lower operating space, and an elastic rubbing region which extends from the rigid support region laterally to the side wall and which forms the elastic lip,
wherein the rigid support region and the rubbing region are formed from different materials, the rigid support region being formed from a material which is rigid at room temperature, and the rubbing region being formed from a material which is elastic at room temperature.