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Methods of manufacturing silicon blades for shaving razors
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1. A method for manufacturing at least one razor blade comprising:
providing a mono-crystalline silicon wafer comprising a {100} surface;
etching the mono-crystalline silicon wafer at an angle relative to the surface {100} to expose an {111} plane where the {111} plane intersects the {100} surface at an angle and a second plane to provide at least one blade edge having between about a 19.5 degree included blade angle and about a 35.3 degree included blade angle;
applying at least one inner layer on the at least one blade edge;
providing a radius of curvature of the at least one blade edge between about 20 nanometers and about 100 nanometers after deposition of the at least one inner layer;
applying at least one outer layer on the at least one blade edge; and
removing the at least one razor blade from the mono-crystalline silicon wafer.