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Knife with replaceable blade
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1. A knife with a replaceable blade, comprising a housing,
a cover arranged on the housing and a blade carrier arranged between the housing and the cover and slidable relative to the housing to move a blade between an extended position and a retracted position, and a blade cartridge carrier arranged adjacent and parallel to the blade carrier having a perimeter extending around a periphery of a position adjacent to the retracted position of the blade, the blade cartridge carrier having an internal space to receive spare blades,
wherein the cover can be connected with the housing in an open type to fix the blade carrier between the cover and the housing;
a switch mechanism is arranged on the cover to control opening and closing of the cover and the housing, the switch mechanism comprising a trigger member located at an outside of the cover and a contacting member connected with the trigger member;
a through hole is arranged on the cover, and the trigger member is arranged in an interior of the through hole;
the trigger member comprising one pushing face and an axis pin, the pushing face capable of rotating around the axis pin, a front portion of the pushing face is provided with a blocking portion and a stopping member is arranged in the through hole of the cover; and when no force is exerted on the pushing face, the blocking portion is located at a position of the stopping member and the stopping member stops forward movement of the trigger member; and actuating the pushing face to overcome an elasticity of a pressure spring permits the pushing face to rotate around the axis pin and the blocking portion to rotate to a position above the stopping member to allow the trigger member to move forward.