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Voltage control at low temperature to avoid undervoltage switch-offs in battery-powered, hand-operated electric tools
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1. An electric tool, operated independently of the mains, comprising:
an electric motor;
a battery;
a monitoring device for monitoring a monitoring operation-value limit, wherein the monitoring operation-value limit lies above an operation-value limit of the battery;
an adjustable resistor component; and
an operation-value controller for setting at least one operation-value of the electric motor by pulse width modulation (PWM);
wherein a PWM duty cycle of the operation-value controller is specified to set the at least one operation-value, which corresponds to a first value or a second value, wherein the first value is derivable from a current setting of the adjustable resistor component and wherein the second value corresponds to a PWM duty cycle last used for setting the at least one operation-value plus an offset value;
wherein for setting the at least one operation-value, a lower of the first value or the second value is selected for the PWM duty cycle, if an operation-value of the battery lies above the monitoring operation-value limit;
and wherein the offset value corresponds to a percentage of a last used PWM duty cycle for controlling the electric motor.