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On-board hand tool accessory
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1. A hand tool for servicing a device comprising a nut fastener, the hand tool comprising:
a longitudinally extending handle body, said handle body defining a bifurcated support;
a pivot pin extending through said bifurcated support transversely to an axis of elongation of said handle body;
a nut driver supported on said pivot pin for pivotable motion between a first position, in which an axis of said nut driver extends in a direction of an axis of elongation of said handle body, and a second position, in which the axis of said nut driver extends transversely to the axis of elongation of said handle body, said nut driver defining a socket region dimensioned to receive a nut;
a first magnet supported in said nut driver in position to couple magnetically with the device's nut positioned within said socket region; and
a second magnet supported on said handle body intermediate a length of said handle body to magnetically couple with said device when said first magnet is magnetically coupled with said nut and said nut driver is in said second position; and
a slotted shaft supported in sliding relationship to said handle body, said slotted shaft having at one end a screwdriver tip, said slotted shaft being slidable between a retracted position, in which said screwdriver tip is housed within said handle body, and an operative position, in which said screwdriver tip is extended beyond said handle body and exposed for use, and said slotted shaft defines a longitudinally extending raceway, an opening for receiving a set screw extending transversely of said raceway, a spring-securing feature at an end opposite said screwdriver tip, wherein said slotted shaft further defines a transversely-extending through-opening, wherein said handle body supports a slidable release plunger supporting a pin positioned in said through-opening, said hand tool further comprising a retraction spring secured to said spring-securing feature to retract said slotted shaft when said pin exits said through-opening.