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Press-fit installation tool with dynamic load assist and method of press-fitting
Brian D. Christoff, Ann Arbor, MI (US); and Travis S. Larson, Shelby Township, MI (US)
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1. A tool comprising:
a tool body having a longitudinal axis;
a biased piston, a plunger, and a base contained in the tool body; wherein the plunger is positioned between the biased piston and the base and in contact with the base;
a tool head fixed to the base and extending outside of the tool body;
wherein the tool body is configured to be movable along the longitudinal axis relative to the base and plunger to move the plunger to load the piston when a load is applied along a first load path that extends through the tool body, the plunger, the base, and the tool head; and
wherein the tool body, the base, and the biased piston are configured to align the plunger with the longitudinal axis only when the load applied along the first load path is at least a first predetermined load, and thereby release stored energy of the piston as a dynamic load applied to the tool head along a second load path that extends through the plunger, the base, and the tool head and avoids the tool body.