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Fastener structure for pliers
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1. A fastener structure for pliers comprising: a first connecting arm, a second connecting arm, and a slidable fastener; wherein:
the first connecting arm is rotatably connected with the second connecting arm, such that a griping segment and a working segment are formed, the first connecting arm includes a holder disposed on a first inner wall of the griping segment, and the holder has two guiding rails fixed on two sides of the holder, a first notch defined on an outer surface thereof, and a second notch also defined on the outer surface thereof, the second connecting arm including a locking seat secured on a second inner wall of the griping segment opposite to the first inner wall of the gripping segment; and
the slidable fastener is hollow and retains with the holder, and the slidable fastener includes two guide posts disposed on two sides of an inner surface thereof, a positioning plate formed on an outer surface thereof to limit or release the locking seat, and an elastic locker mounted on an inner wall of the positioning plate to alternatively retain with the first notch or the second notch, such that when the elastic locker retains with the first notch, the positioning plate limits the locking seat, and when the elastic locker retains with the second notch, the positioning plate releases the locking seat;
wherein the locking seat has a tilted face defined on a bottom surface thereof, and the positioning plate has an arcuate face formed on a top end thereof to correspond to the tilted face, such that the arcuate face is pushed by the tilted face to actuate the slidable fastener to slide downwardly.