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System for identifying and duplicating master keys
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1. A system duplicating a master key comprising:
a mechanism for receiving and positioning a master key wherein the master key defines a major key axis, an intermediate key axis along which a key blade variably extends, and a minor key axis along a key thickness;
optical path components, that direct a light beam along the minor key axis wherein the light beam impinges upon the key blade such that a portion of the light beam is blocked by the key blade and another portion of the light beam traverses across the major axis of the key blade;
a detector that receives the portion of the light beam that traverses the key blade;
an apparatus that imparts relative motion along the major key axis between the light beam and the master key wherein the light beam scans along the major or key axis of the master key; and
a processor that receives a signal from the detector as the beam scans along the major key axis and generates information usable for defining the machining of a duplicate key.