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Tool and method of reflow
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1. A tool comprising:
a ring shape chamber unit having an inner cylindrical wall and an outer cylindrical wall, wherein the inner cylindrical wall and the outer cylindrical wall defines the ring shape chamber;
a wafer lifting system disposed in the ring shape chamber, wherein the wafer lifting system comprises a wafer holder configured to support a wafer and a lifting pin coupled to the wafer holder;
a heater coupled to the ring shape chamber unit, and configured to heat the wafer; and
an exhausting unit coupled to the ring shape chamber unit, and configured to exhaust gas in the ring shape chamber,
wherein the heater is disposed between the exhausting unit and the wafer lifting system, and the wafer lifting system is configured to move the wafer in a spiral motion and to provide varying vertical distance between the heater and the wafer by vertically moving the lifting pin as the wafer lifting system moves in a spiral motion within the ring shape chamber.