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Remote sense lead magnitude and polarity controller
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1. A feedback control device for generating a feedback signal used to adjust a power output for a welding power supply electrically connected with first and second sense leads coupled respectively to an electrode and a workpiece, the first and second sense leads communicate first and second sense lead signals respectively during a welding operation, the feedback control device comprising:
a scaling circuit that receives the first and second sense lead signals, and outputs scaled sense lead signals, wherein the scaling circuit includes a voltage divider network comprising a plurality of resistor components connected in series between the first and second sense leads and a reference voltage;
a pair of rectifier circuits that each accept one of the scaled sense lead signals, outputted from the scaling circuit, that each represent a parameter of a welding process, wherein each rectifier circuit separately rectifies and inverts the respective scaled sense lead signal to create a plurality of rectified outputs representing at least a magnitude component and a polarity component of the respective scaled sense lead signal; and
a logic processor having at least one input corresponding to each of the plurality of rectified outputs, the logic processor configured to:
cycle through a logic function that generates the feedback signal responsive to the plurality of rectified outputs; and
communicate the feedback signal to the welding power supply, wherein the power output of the welding power supply is adjusted during the welding operation based on the feedback signal.