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Method and apparatus for removing underwater platforms
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1. A method of removing an abandoned marine platform that extends below a seabed mud line comprising the steps of:
a) providing a frame having a perimeter that surrounds an open center portion;
b) fitting first and second spaced apart winches and a cutter cable to the frame, wherein the cutter cable is wound upon the winches, said cutter cable including a first cable end portion that is wound upon the first winch and a second cable end portion that is wound upon the second winch;
c) lowering the frame over the platform wherein the platform occupies the open center portion;
d) wherein in step “c” at least a part of the cutter cable is positioned below the mud line;
e) using the first and second winches to move the cutter cable to cut the platform below the mud line;
f) wherein in step “e” the cable is wound upon the first said winch and payed out from the second said winch; and
g) removing the cut platform from the seabed.