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Self-adjusting chamfering tool
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1. A self-adjusting tool for chamfering an end of a cylinder, the tool comprising:
at least three legs, a distal segment of each of the legs extending in a forward direction of the tool and placeable about the end of the cylinder, each of the legs including an indentation and a linearly translatable rack comprising teeth;
a central body with a rotatable shaft and a mechanism that includes central gear that is mounted on and is rotatable with the shaft, the central gear comprising teeth that are configured to engage the teeth on the linearly translatable rack on each of the legs such that rotation of the shaft about a shaft axis linearly translates each leg of said at least three legs to retract said at least three legs inward in tandem toward the cylinder,
wherein the indentation on each leg of said at least three legs is configured to enable retraction of another leg of said at least three legs without interference and wherein the mechanism is configured to rotate said at least three legs about the shaft axis when further retraction of said at least three legs is blocked by contact with the cylinder; and
one or a plurality of chamfering blades, each chamfering blade being attached to a leg of said at least three legs, a cutting edge of each blade being oriented diagonally forward and inward.