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Three dimensional printer
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1. A lamination molding apparatus, comprising:
a molding room covering a predetermined molding region and filled with an inert gas having a predetermined concentration;
a laser beam emitter to irradiate a predetermined portion of a material powder layer formed on the molding region with a laser beam, thereby sintering the material powder at a position of irradiation to form a sintered body;
a processing head structured to be capable of being moved in the molding room, the processing head providing a machine processing to the sintered body;
a driving device housing room provided adjacent to the molding room, the driving device housing room housing a driving device moving the processing head;
a partitioning section to partition the molding room from the driving device housing room;
a discharging section to discharge gas in the molding room; and
an inert gas supplying apparatus to supply the inert, gas to both of the molding room and to the driving device housing room;
wherein a communicating section is in the partitioning section, the communicating section allowing communication between, the driving device housing room and the molding room; and
the communicating section has a size allowing to maintain a pressure of the driving device housing room supplied with the inert gas to be higher than a pressure of the molding room.