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PEX crimping tool
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1. A power tool comprising:
an outer housing including a drive unit support portion and a handle portion;
an inner housing positioned at least partially within the handle portion;
a drive unit positioned in the drive unit support portion and including an output shaft extending at least partially through the handle portion;
a ball screw mechanism including
a nut supported at least partially within the inner housing, and
a screw coupled to the nut for relative axial displacement therewith in response to relative rotation between the screw and the nut, torque from the output shaft being applied to one of the nut and the screw to thereby cause the relative rotation; and
a working assembly coupled to the inner housing for movement in response to contact with a distal end of the screw as the screw is axially displaced,
wherein the handle portion exerts a reaction torque on the inner housing in response to the relative rotation between the nut and the screw to prevent the inner housing from rotating relative to the outer housing.