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Slide cushion device of press machine
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1. A slide cushion device of a press machine, comprising:
a plurality of hydraulic cylinders integrally formed in a board included in a slide of the press machine, or in a board provided immediately below the slide;
a pressing member that is disposed in a recessed portion of an upper die that vertically moves together with the slide, in a vertically movable manner, and that presses a material with a projecting portion of a lower die facing the upper die;
a plurality of cushion pins that is provided in the pressing member and penetrates the upper die to be brought into contact with a piston member of the hydraulic cylinder, wherein a number of the plurality of cushion pins is less than a number of hydraulic cylinders disposed in a plane of projection of the recessed portion of the upper die; and
a slide cushion hydraulic device that controls at least hydraulic pressure that is to be supplied to a compression chamber of the hydraulic cylinder with which the cushion pins are to be brought into contact.