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Method for producing a steel tube including cleaning of the outer tube wall
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1. A method for producing a steel tube comprising:
manufacturing the steel tube by forming a hollow shell into a form of a finished dimensioned steel tube by cold pilgering, the steel tube having an inner tube wall, an outer tube wall, and a free tube cross-section enclosed by the inner tube wall, wherein after the manufacturing, the steel tube on the outer tube wall includes at least one contaminant, the at least one contaminant being a lubricant transferred from a roll to the outer tube wall; and
cleaning the outer tube wall of the steel tube by applying liquid or solid CO2 onto the outer tube wall in order to remove the lubricant from the outer tube wall,
wherein, during the application of the liquid or solid CO2 onto the outer tube wall, the temperature of the steel tube is measured and the cleaning is interrupted if the temperature of the steel tube falls below a predetermined temperature threshold.