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Gas evacuation system with counter
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1. A device for puncturing a pressurized container for relieving the pressure therein and for releasing the residual contents thereof into a drum of a type having an end wall with a surrounding protruding peripheral rim, said device comprising:
a generally elongated housing member defining an elongated cavity with openings at first and second ends thereof for receiving a pressurized container at said first end and further including an attachment means for securing said second end of said housing member to said end wall of said drum for collection by said drum of contents expelled from said pressurized container through said second end;
a puncturing means mounted on said housing member intermediate said first and second ends for piercing said pressurized container in said elongated cavity whereby gases and residual contents thereof are emptied into said drum through said opening at said second end;
a counter means cooperatively engaged with said puncturing means wherein said counter means records each piercing of said pressurized container by an increasing count such that at a plurality of preselected counts prior to a preselected maximum count and without resetting the counter, at least one maintenance activity is indicated as due and such that at preselected additional increasing counts an additional maintenance activity is indicated as due;
said device further including an auxiliary support means for extending from said housing member to said protruding peripheral rim of said drum for stabilizing relative movement between said housing member and said drum during operation of said device.