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Pressure washer with hose reel and motor pump assembly
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1. A fluid pump having a rotary fluid outlet for use within a rotating hose reel of a pressure washer, the fluid pump comprising:
a pump body having a cylindrical outer surface and an inner cylindrical bore;
a fluid inlet disposed at a first end of said bore, said fluid inlet permitting fluid to be provided to said fluid pump;
a fluid outlet, said fluid outlet being an arcuate aperture extending along a portion of a surface of said bore and said outer surface permitting fluid communication therethrough;
an impeller having an impeller surface and a set of radially extending vanes, said impeller disposed adjacent a second end of said bore such that said fluid outlet is disposed between said fluid inlet and said impeller surface, said impeller operable to pressurize said provided fluid and expel said pressurized fluid toward said inner cylindrical bore;
a collar encircling at least a portion of the length of said outer surface and completely surrounding said fluid outlet, said collar rotatably coupled to said pump body for enabling rotation of said collar circumferentially about said pump body, and said collar shaped to define a cavity and a collar outlet, said cavity extending circumferentially along the cylindrical outer surface and maintaining fluid communication between said collar outlet and said fluid outlet and;
a hose-reel coupling rotationally fixed, at a first end, to the collar, and, at a second end, adapted for connection to a garden hose and fixed proximal said second end to the hose reel, said hose-reel coupling in fluid communication with said collar outlet, said hose-reel coupling extending between said first and second ends through an aperture of said hose reel, said pump body being fully enclosed within a bore of said hose reel for enabling rotation of said hose reel freely about said pump body.