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Automatic shaker screen cleaner
David Scheid, Chatsworth, CA (US)
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1. A device comprising:
a. An electronic control box that includes a programmable logic controller;
b. A soft starter;
c. A power valve;
d. A hydraulic directional valve;
e. One or more electric motors;
f. A pressure pump;
g. An air compressor pump;
h. A hydraulic pump;
i. A priority control valve, said priority control valve controlling the pressure of the hydraulic fluid;
j. A hydraulic tank and filter, said tank holding hydraulic fluid that is cleaned by passing through said filter;
k. Hydraulic and pressure hoses of sufficient length;
l. A sprayer transport comprising a hydraulic motor, a roller system, and at least one spray bar, said spray bar containing two or more spray nozzles that spray fluid on a shaker screen;
wherein said electronic control box, soft starter, power valve, hydraulic directional valve, electric motor or motors, pressure pump, air compressor pump, hydraulic pump, priority control valve, and hydraulic tank and filter are housed in an enclosure;
wherein the sprayer transport is connected to a shaker screen and further connected to said enclosure via the hydraulic hoses and pressure hose, enabling cleaning fluid to be sprayed from the spray nozzles onto said shaker screen;
wherein the electric motor or motors powers the pressure pump, the air compressor pump, and the hydraulic system; and
wherein said device is capable of being attached directly to a drilling or mining apparatus and cleaning a shaker screen while said shaker screen remains installed in said drilling or mining apparatus.