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Modular jetting devices
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1. A modular jetting device, comprising:
an actuator body;
a drive module attached to the body;
a fluid module including a fluid chamber, a fluid inlet to the fluid chamber, a valve element, a nozzle with a fluid outlet from the fluid chamber, and a valve seat positioned between the valve element and the nozzle, and the valve element being separate from the drive module and configured to be vertically moved by the drive module to contact the valve seat; and
a coupling mechanism having at least one arm coupling the fluid module to the actuator body, the at least one arm being vertically moveable parallel to movement of the valve element by the coupling mechanism to move the fluid module from a position operatively coupled with the actuator body and the drive module to a position spaced from the actuator body and the drive module so that the fluid module is removable from the actuator body, the drive module and the coupling mechanism.