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Stabilizing apparatus, methods, and systems for pump dispensers
Karen Svidler, San Mateo, CA (US)
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1. A stabilizing and dispensing system, comprising:
a free-standing base comprising sidewalls defining an internal orifice and an open top;
a dispenser comprising a pump at one end for dispensing a substantially constant volume per each cycle of operation, said dispenser received within said orifice in an upright direction such that said pump extends above the open top for direct user access; and,
a plurality of ring adapters, each comprising an inner diameter and an outer diameter; wherein said inside of said orifice comprises an inner diameter; wherein said outer diameter of said ring adapter is substantially the same as said inner diameter of said orifice; wherein said inner diameter of said ring adapter is configured to pass a selected dispenser; and further wherein said plurality of ring adapters comprises a plurality of different inner diameters for accommodating a plurality of dispensers of different horizontal cross sections;
wherein a majority of said dispenser is received within said orifice;
wherein said dispenser contains a nongaseous substance for dispensing; and,
wherein said base is more resistant to tipping than said dispenser alone.