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Trigger type sprayer
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1. A trigger type sprayer comprising:
a body having a first flow channel through which liquid can flow, a second flow channel communicating with the first flow channel, and a cylindrical cylinder chamber communicating with the second flow channel;
a hollow piston slidably incorporated into the cylinder chamber, having a valve seat and a hollow portion, and sliding back and forth according to operation of a trigger;
a second valve incorporated into the hollow portion of the hollow piston and positioned at a downstream side; and
a first valve incorporated into the cylinder chamber and positioned at an upstream side, wherein
the second valve has a pressure accumulation function, and is provided with a valve body, a spring, and a bottomed cylindrical case housing the valve body and the spring and attached inside the hollow portion,
the first valve is provided with a cylindrical case, a downstream side of which is opened and an upstream side of which is attached in the cylinder chamber, and a valve body positioned at the upstream side of the cylindrical case,
the bottomed cylindrical case is slidably incorporated into the cylindrical case, and slides back and forth together with the hollow piston according to operation of the trigger, and
the valve body of the first valve is pressed and inclined by a bottom portion of the bottomed cylindrical case so that the first valve is opened.