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Method for assembling a laterally-actuated fluid product dispensing device
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1. A method of assembling a fluid dispenser device, the method comprising the following steps:
pre-assembling a first unit comprising a body and a lateral actuator system, said lateral actuator system including a presser element that is mounted on the body to pivot about a first axis, an actuator element being mounted on said presser element to pivot about a second axis, said presser element having a pre-assembled position in which said lateral actuator system is blocked;
assembling a second unit, comprising a reservoir, containing a fluid, and a dispensing pump that is mounted on said reservoir by means of a fastener ring, in said first pre-assembled unit; and
moving said presser element from the pre-assembled position to a final assembled position that is axially offset from said pre-assembled position, and in which said actuator element co-operates operationally directly with said fastener ring so as to actuate said dispensing pump each time the lateral actuator system is actuated;
wherein said body includes a bottom portion, said presser element being moved from the pre-assembled position to the assembled position by assembling said bottom portion in said body.