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Spray gun system
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1. A self-contained, portable, pressurized spray gun system for texturing a surface comprising:
a spray gun body having a handle and a main barrel with an upper surface, the main barrel defining a passageway connecting an inlet port to a spray outlet defining an expanding spray profile;
a cartridge seat projecting from the upper surface of the main barrel and having a bore in communication with the passageway of the main barrel;
a single spray valve projecting at least partially through the main barrel of the spray gun body and constructed to travel between a first position projecting into and sealing off the spray outlet while leaving the remainder of the passageway open and a second position withdrawn from and at least partially opening the spray outlet;
a single cartridge including a release valve sealing off a single cartridge opening, the cartridge being pre-filled and pre-pressurized with a volume of sprayable texture material and a propellant prior to releasably coupling the cartridge to the cartridge seat with the release valve being constructed to open and allow at least a portion of the sprayable texture material to enter the passageway through the bore of the cartridge seat under a combined pressure and gravity feed to load a volume of sprayable texture material proximate an outer end of the spray outlet with the cartridge releasably coupled to the cartridge seat in an inverted orientation; and
a trigger coupled to the spray valve and constructed to transition the spray valve between the first position and the second position allowing at least a portion of the sprayable texture material proximate the spray outlet to spray out through the spray outlet and expand outwardly through the expanding spray profile to produce an orange peel or knockdown texture pattern on the surface.