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Electrostatic coating apparatus
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1. An electrostatic coating apparatus comprising:
a motor;
a rotary atomizing head that is provided on a front side of said motor to be rotatable by said motor;
an external electrode unit that is provided in the periphery of said rotary atomizing head; and
a high voltage applying unit that applies a high voltage to said external electrode unit to indirectly charge paint particles atomized from said rotary atomizing head with the high voltage, wherein
an earth member that is provided on the rear side of said rotary atomizing head, the earth member to be connected to ground and have the earth potential;
a film cover that is formed by an insulating material and covers an outer peripheral side of said motor in such a manner to form a gap between said earth member and said film cover itself; and
a semi conductive member that is formed by a semi conductive material and flares from forward to backward to be formed in a substantially conical shape or in a substantially cylindrical shape, wherein a rear end part of the semi conductive member is in contact with said film cover and a front end part of the semi conductive member is in contact with said earth member.