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Microfluidic delivery system
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1. A microfluidic delivery system comprising:
a microfluidic die comprising a silicon substrate, a conductive layer, and a polymer layer, the silicon substrate comprising a channel for delivering a fluid composition, the fluid composition being a perfume mixture, to the polymer layer, the polymer layer comprising a plurality of nozzles for dispensing a the fluid composition and at least one chamber in fluid communication with at least one of the plurality of nozzles, wherein each nozzle comprises a lower opening proximal to the chamber and an upper opening distal to the chamber, and comprising the conductive layer comprising at least one heating element configured to that heats the fluid composition in the chamber by receiving receive an electrical firing pulse, wherein said electrical firing pulse is delivered during a firing period (tON) from 0.25 seconds to 10 seconds, and wherein, during said firing period, said electrical firing pulse is pulsed at 100 Hertz to 6000 Hertz with a fire time (tFIRE) from 1 microsecond to 3 microseconds, and wherein the ratio of the area of the heating element to the area of the upper opening of the nozzle is 5:1 or greater.