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System and method for automated nucleic acid amplification
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1. A device for automatically executing a process of generating an emulsion containing nucleic acids, amplifying the nucleic acids in the emulsion, breaking the emulsion, and separating and purifying said amplified nucleic acids, said device comprising:
an emulsion generation unit for sealing beads to which nucleic acids are bound in a water-in-oil type emulsion, wherein the emulsion generation unit comprises a container;
a nucleic acid amplification unit provided with a reaction vessel for amplifying said nucleic acids and a heating and cooling part for heating and cooling the reaction vessel;
an emulsion breaking unit for breaking the emulsion after nucleic acid amplification, wherein the emulsion breaking unit comprises a container and is connected to the reaction vessel by a channel; and
a nucleic acid purification unit for recovering said amplified nucleic acids from said emulsion breaking unit, wherein the nucleic acid purification unit comprises multiple tubes,
wherein a head drop is disposed between said nucleic acid amplification unit and said emulsion generation unit and/or between said emulsion breaking unit and said nucleic acid amplification unit via a plurality of liquid transfer channels for liquid transfer, and
said nucleic acid amplification unit is disposed below said emulsion generation unit, and said emulsion breaking unit is disposed below said nucleic acid amplification unit.