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Apparatus for and method of processing biological samples
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1. A bioprocessing cartridge comprising:
a first bioprocessing chamber, wherein the first bioprocessing chamber includes first solid support, and wherein the first solid support comprises a cell lysate clarification filter;
a second bioprocessing chamber, wherein the second bioprocessing chamber has a fluid volume between about 250 μl and about 100 ml and includes a second solid support, wherein the second solid support comprises a plurality of magnetic beads;
a plurality of fluid channels in fluid communication with the at least one bioprocessing chamber, wherein at least two of the plurality of fluid channels have differentially sized diameters;
at least one access valve, wherein the access valve is placed within a flow path between a fluid connector and one of the plurality of fluid channels, each fluid connector configured to fluidly connect the cartridge to at least one fluid container; and
at least one control fluid connector, wherein the at least one control fluid connector is configured to form a sealed connection with a control fluid manifold and to provide a control fluid to actuate the at least one access valve.