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Paint maker and mixing device
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1. A paint-making device comprising:
a first palette;
a second palette; and
a base coupled to the first palette and the second palette, the base comprising a paint pot shaking component configured to agitate at least one paint pot coupled to the base, the paint pot shaking component comprising:
a crank gear;
a combination gear adjacent the crank gear;
a slide crankshaft gear perpendicular to and engaged with the combination gear;
a slide crankshaft coupled to a center of the slide crankshaft gear, wherein the slide crankshaft comprises a slide crankshaft joint and a slide crank arm coupled to the slide crankshaft joint;
a vertical piston side support coupled to the base;
a slide bracket coupled to the slide crank arm and to the vertical piston side support;
a jointed armature coupled to at least one of the slide crank arm and the slide bracket, wherein the jointed armature comprises a joint at a portion of the jointed armature remote from the slide bracket; and
a paint pot harness mount coupled to the jointed armature about the joint.