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Pressurized-type hollow fiber membrane module and filtration system comprising the same
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1. A pressurized-type hollow fiber membrane module comprising:
a body case having an open end;
a fixing member disposed in the body case at the open end so that the open end is closed by the fixing member, the fixing member being formed of an elastic material;
a hollow fiber membrane potted in the fixing member; and
a cap on the open end of the body case, the cap and the fixing member forming a filtrate-collecting space,
wherein a lumen of the hollow fiber membrane is in fluid communication with the filtrate-collecting space,
the fixing member has a step so that an upper side surface of the fixing member is not in contact with an inner surface of the body case, thereby forming a first groove defined by the step of the fixing member and the inner suface of the body case, and
a portion of the cap is inserted in the first groove, wherein an inner dimension of the first groove is smaller than the portion of the cap so that the portion of the cap can be tightly inserted into the first groove.