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Systems and methods for sequestering CO2
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1. A carbon dioxide (“CO2”) sequestration system comprising:
a CO2 source;
a process-water source;
a membrane module comprising:
a first section configured to receive gaseous CO2 at a first pressure from the CO2 source;
a second section configured to receive process-water at a second pressure from the process-water source; and
a membrane positioned substantially between the first section and the second section, the membrane comprising a plurality of apertures configured such that the gaseous CO2 in the first section passes through the plurality of apertures and dissolves into the process-water in the second section to form a process-water-CO2 solution; and
a sequestration duct in fluid communication with the second section of the membrane module, the sequestration duct configured to transport the process-water-CO2 solution to a sequestration site,
wherein the process-water source comprises a flue gas desulfurization system.