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Sour pressure swing adsorption process
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1. A method comprising:
(a) gasifying a carbonaceous feedstock to form a gasified stream comprising H2S, CO2, CO and H2;
(b) converting at least a portion of the CO in the gasified stream to CO2 and H2 using a water-gas shift reaction, resulting in a sour syngas stream;
(c) introducing the sour syngas stream into a sour pressure swing adsorption (SPSA) system having a plurality of adsorber beds;
(d) performing a cyclic PSA process using the SPSA system comprising the following steps:
(i) pressurizing a first bed of the plurality of adsorber beds to a first pressure;
(ii) feeding the sour syngas stream into an inlet end of the pressurized first bed and discharging a first gas stream from an outlet end of the first bed;
(iii) after the feeding step, introducing a rinse gas comprising at least 99 mol % N2 into the first bed, the rinse gas being from a source other than directly from another of the plurality of adsorber beds;
(e) removing a product stream from the SPSA system, the product stream having a greater concentration of H2 than the sour syngas stream and comprising at least 80 mol % H2 and at least 10 mol % N2;
(f) removing a tail gas stream from the SPSA system, the tail gas stream having a greater concentration of CO2 and H2S than the sour syngas stream; and
(g) separating the tail gas stream into an H2S-enriched stream and a H2S-depleted stream using an acid gas enrichment (AGE) system.