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Filter element of a filter and method for manufacturing filter element
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1. A filter element of a filter for fluid, comprising:
a filter medium closed circumferentially at least with respect to a central element axis and structured as a filter medium hollow body having an elongated hollow center elongated on the central element axis;
at least one end member arranged on at least one front side of the filter medium hollow body, the at least one end member tightly connected at least to the filter medium;
an electrical heating jacket into which the filter medium hollow body is inserted, the electrical heating jacket arranged on a radial outer face of the filter medium and enclosing at least partially circumferentially and at least partially axially the filter medium, wherein the heating jacket is electrically connected to an electrical connecting element that can be connected to electrical lines to supply electrical power to the electrical heating jacket; wherein the electrical connecting element is attached to the heating jacket by means of which the connecting element can be swiveled during assembly of the filter element from a preassembly position circumferentially outside of the filter element into a final assembly position on a top side of said at least one end member of the filter element;
wherein the front side of the filter medium hollow body is provided with the at least one end member after insertion of the filter medium hollow body into the heating jacket.