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Conveyor belt filter device
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1. A conveyor belt filter device (10) for mechanically cleaning a liquid that is polluted with solids and flows in a sewer (11) or the like, comprising an endless filter belt (13) formed by filter elements (19) that are connected to one another and can each be pivoted against one another about a horizontal joint axis (49), and one flexible drive means provided on either side of the filter belt, said drive means being deflected by way of deflection elements in deflection areas (26, 27), filter elements being laterally attached to said drive means, and a frame (12) that supports the deflection elements and the filter belt, the filter elements having filter element edges (31, 32) that extend parallel to the joint axes and a filter gap (34) that has a gap seal (33) sealing the filter gap (34) being formed between opposing filter element edges of adjacent filter elements, said gap seal having a compressible sealing strip (35) that is arranged on one filter element edge (32),
characterized in that
an inflow strip (38) is arranged at the filter element edge (31), that is opposite to the filter element edge (32) that is provided with the sealing strip (35) the flow impinging on the inflow surface (39) of the inflow strip (38), said inflow strip extending parallel to the sealing strip and having a sealing surface (37) that is located opposite of the inflow surface and is in contact with the sealing strip, such that the inflow strip serves as a cover protecting the sealing strip from the inflow, a movement gap (41) being formed between a strip edge (40) of the inflow strip, and the edge of the filter element (32) that is provided with the sealing strip (35) said strip edge extending parallel to the sealing strip.