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Machine for continuous microfiltration of process and waste water, for reuse thereof in agriculture and industry
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1. A machine for continuous microfiltration of suspended solid particles from process and/or waste water, comprising a base container (2) with an inlet conduit (4) for a liquid to be filtered, defining a flow direction (F), said container (2) having therein:
an influent chamber (7) for collecting the liquid to be filtered;
a treatment chamber (8) placed downstream from said influent chamber (7), and having an at least partially cylindrical bottom wall (9);
at least one pair of filter disks (10), which are keyed to a shaft (12) substantially perpendicular to said flow direction (F), said disks (10) having inner filtering surfaces (10′) delimiting said treatment chamber (8) and outer peripheral edges (15) in sliding contact with said bottom wall (9);
at least one effluent chamber (17) for receiving the filtered liquid, located downstream from said treatment chamber (8) and delimited by said pair of filter disks, said effluent chamber (17) having a discharge conduit (18) formed in said container (2);
a drive system (13, 14) acting upon said shaft (12) and/or on said disks (10) and causing rotation thereof in a predetermined direction;
jet washers (20) directed against outer surfaces (10″) of said disks (10) for removing the particles retained thereby; and
a conveying system that conveys the solid particles removed by said jet washers, comprising at least one first collecting duct (24) disposed between said disks (10) above said treatment chamber (8) and having substantially parallel side edges, located at a predetermined minimum distance (D) from said inner surfaces (10′) of said disks (10) for collecting the removed solid particles,
wherein each filter disk comprises a bearing structure (32) having a substantially circular peripheral edge (33) joined to a central hub (11) through radial elements (34) to define a series of wedge-shaped compartments, each wedge-shaped compartment supporting a substantially sector-shaped filter element (35),
wherein each filter element (35) comprises a grid-shaped mount (36) with a peripheral frame corresponding to the peripheral frame of each wedge-shaped compartment upon which a corresponding portion (37) of filter mesh is fixed, and
wherein said bearing structure (32), said filter mesh (37), and said mounts (36) are made of a rigid material selected from the group consisting of synthetic materials or stainless steel, said filter elements (37) being anchored with a predetermined minimum tension of at least 20 N/cm to respective mounts (36) with side edges of said mounts (36) being in mutual contact so that inner surfaces (10′) have a flatness tolerance that is less than 1% of a maximum diameter of said disks (10).