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Filter device
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1. A filter device, comprising:
a filter housing including at least one connection unit forming a fluid connection supplying unfiltered fluid to be filtered and having a connection fitting;
a filter element received in said filter housing and including a filter medium having a clean outer side and a dirty inner side, said inner side being connected in fluid communication to said fluid connection to receive the unfiltered fluid to be passed through said filter element, said inner side defining an inner filter cavity, said filter element having an end cap;
an element receiver in said filter housing being a component of said connection unit and interacting with said end cap of said filter element in an operating position of said filter element;
a valve arrangement being a component of said filter element, being located in said filter cavity, being movable from a closed position thereof to an open position thereof by interaction with said connection unit when said filter element is inserted into the operating position and being movable from the open position to the closed position in said filter element upon removing said filter element from the element receiver, said valve arrangement including a valve cap of elastomeric material with notches, said valve cap being on an end of an inlet fitting on said filter element, said connection fitting extending completely through said inlet fitting, engaging said end cap and projecting into said filter cavity in the operating position of said filter element to open said notches of said valve cap forming flow slots by mechanical action of said connection fitting engaging said end cap; and
a seal connecting said inlet fitting and said connection fitting.