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Lawn ornament having rotatable blades with solar-activated light-emitting devices
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3. A decorative lawn ornament, comprising:
a support member which is insertable in into the lawn;
a support sleeve connected to the support member for rotation about an axis defined by the support member; and
a pair of decorative members which are spaced apart and rotatably supported about the support member, each decorative member including a carrier having a plurality of blades extending therefrom, a rechargeable battery, a first circuit board electrically connected to the rechargeable battery, at least one solar panel electrically connected to the circuit board, and a plurality of light-emitting devices arranged on at least one of the blades of each decorative member to emit light therefrom, wherein the plurality of blades extend from the carrier so as to rotate the carrier about the connecting member when a flow of air strikes a surface of the blades, and also permit rotation of the decorative members about the support member to thereby control an orientation of the blades and the light emitted by the light-emitting devices.