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Game system, game device, storage medium storing game program, and game process method
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1. A game system comprising:
a controller device that includes:
(a1) a first input control that is manipulable by at least one finger of a user, and
(a2) an inertial sensor configured to obtain a physical quantity related to movement of the controller device; and
a processing system with at least one hardware processor that is coupled to a memory device, the processing system configured to:
(b1) locate a virtual game object in a virtual game space,
(b2) calculate a first value as a function of the physical quantity obtained by the inertial sensor,
(b3) calculate a second value as a function of accepted input provided via the first input control,
(b4) control a targeting direction for the virtual game object based on the calculated first value and the calculated second value,
(b5) responsive to reception of a user input, perform a shooting process within the virtual game space in accordance with the controlled targeting direction for the virtual game object,
(b6) generate, based on a virtual camera that is positioned in the virtual game space, game images of the virtual game space, and
(b7) cause the generated images to be outputted to a display screen for display thereon.