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Method and apparatus for processing control signals of an accessory
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1. A method, comprising:
generating, by a processing system comprising a processor, a control signal from a first input device stimulation for controlling a video game according to a first setting associated with the control signal;
generating, by the processing system, a predicted gaming result corresponding to an application of the control signal to the video game;
determining, by the processing system, whether the predicted gaming result that is received from the first device is not a desired gaming result;
responsive to determining that the predicted gaming result is not the desired gaming result, determining, by the processing system, a new setting associated with the control signal that will produce the desired gaming result according to a prior history of control signal settings and corresponding gaming results;
generating, by the processing system, an updated control signal according to the new setting of the control signal; and
providing, by the processing system, the updated control signal to the video game.