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System and methods for biometric detection of play states, intrinsic motivators, play types/patterns and play personalities
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1. A method comprising:
monitoring biometric information of a user/subject, using one or more sensing devices, to detect play bio-markers that indicate when intrinsic motivators of the user/subject have caused the user/subject to enter a state of play that is characterized by a loss of sense of time and a feeling of deep engagement;
responsive to detecting play bio-markers, storing one or more user/subject-specific play records in a computing system;
wherein the user/subject-specific play records include play state event information; and
based on the play state event information, the computing system automatically performing one or more actions; and
wherein automatically performing one or more actions comprises automatically determining, for the user/subject, play type/patterns, wherein the play type/patterns determined for the user/subject based on the play state event information includes one or more of: Object, Pretend, Social, Rough and Tumble, Body, Exploratory, Celebratory, Competitive, Ritual, Narrative, or Fantasy.