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Multi-dimensional game comprising interactive physical and virtual components
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14. A game system comprising:
a plurality of game boards each including one or more board sensors;
a plurality of game blocks each including one or more block sensors and one or more coupling elements, wherein the game blocks can couple with each other using the coupling elements;
a global virtual environment stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium and comprising at least one local avatar, wherein, when the global virtual environment is being executed on a computing device and displayed from a display device, a player of the game system is able to interact with the global virtual environment via the computing device and the display device independent from the game boards and the game blocks; and
a plurality of projection devices for projecting one or more images onto each of the game boards, wherein at least one of the images correspond to the position of the local avatar within the global virtual environment as displayed on the display device separate from the game board such that the images are able to be different than the global virtual environment as displayed on the display device;
wherein the board sensors are configured to sense a position of the game blocks when the game blocks are on one or more of the game boards.