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1. A motorized skating system, comprising:
a primary skate and a secondary skate; and
at least one battery,
wherein the primary skate includes:
a horizontal portion configured to support a user of the motorized skating system;
a sensor configured to detect a tilting signal indicating a tilting angle of the horizontal portion;
at least one rear wheel coupled to the horizontal portion through at least one swing arm, the at least one swing arm being movably coupled to the horizontal portion;
a first processor configured to:
determine a first control signal for moving the primary skate based on the tilting signal;
determine a motion signal for moving the secondary skate based on the first control signal; and
monitor at least one of: temperature, voltage, current, and capacity of the at least one battery;
a first communication interface configured to send the motion signal to the secondary skate; and
wherein the secondary skate includes:
a second communication interface configured to receive the motion signal from the first communication interface of the primary skate; and
a second processor configured to determine a second control signal for moving the secondary skate based on the received motion signal.