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Bounce back item net
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1. A bounce back net comprising:
a polygonal front frame component defined by a plurality of frame supports and pivotally connected to a rear frame component configured to provide an adjustable angular lean of the net to control angular directivity;
an inner frame net support structure comprising inner frame mounting bars interiorly spaced from respective frame supports of said plurality of frame supports of said front frame component by rigid mounting standoffs; each of said inner frame mounting bars being joined to an adjacent inner frame mounting bar with a corner net mount and brace;
a net matrix comprising elastic net cords secured together at diagonal cross points in a diamond shaped cross hatch pattern with net tie point devices to absorb impact energy, laterally reducing structural stress and to optimize return energy; each end of each of said elastic net cords are mounted through net mounting holes in a respective one of said inner frame mounting bars or in a respective one of said corner net mounts; said elastic net cord ends are secured in place using net crimp holders;
wherein said net is configured to prevent passage of an object through said net matrix and said net matrix has a tension configured to allow capturing of angular momentum and assume shape of the object to rebound to the sender in the direction from which the object came.