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Basketball training system
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1. A ball launching machine comprising:
a ball ready holder for receiving a ball to be launched;
a pivotally mounted launch arm, wherein the launch arm includes an upper end and a lower end, and wherein the launch arm is pivotally mounted to pivot about a pivot axis located between the upper end and the lower end; a throw spring connected to the lower end of the launch arm; a grab arm configured to directly grab, retract, and release the launch arm; and a launch drive mechanism for driving the grab arm through a launch drive cycle in which the grab arm directly grabs the upper end of the launch arm, retracts the upper end of the launch arm downward and rearward with respect to the ball ready holder to increase spring force of the throw spring, and releases the upper end of the launch arm so that the throw spring moves the upper end of the launch arm upward and forward to strike and launch the ball from the ball ready holder, wherein the launch drive mechanism comprises: a drive motor having a drive shaft that rotates through one revolution during the launch drive cycles;
a crank arm connected between the drive shaft of the drive motor and the lower end of the grab arm; and
a guide for engaging the grab arm to guide movement of the upper end of the grab arm through the launch drive cycle;
wherein the grab arm has an upper end and a lower end, wherein the upper end of the grab arm includes a hook for directly grabbing the upper end of the launch arm.