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Steer roping practice apparatus with improved leg gait
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1. A mechanical roping steer apparatus for practicing roping of a steer, the apparatus comprising:
a rotatable wheel configured to contact the ground surface such that movement of the wheel across the ground rotates the wheel;
a steer assembly comprising:
a frame having a front and a rear, the wheel being rotatably connected to the frame;
a hip structure movably mounted on the frame to move between a first position and a second position, the hip structure having a forward end mounted on the frame and a rearward end;
a leg structure movably mounted on the hip structure to move between a forward position and a rearward position, the leg structure including at least one leg member extending downwardly with respect to the hip structure; and
an actuation assembly configured to move the at least one leg member downwardly toward the ground surface during rearward movement of the at least one leg member;
wherein movement of the leg structure causes movement of a lower end of the at least one leg member along a path defined by a perimeter of a substantially crescent shape.