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Martial arts training device
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1. A martial arts training device comprising: a stand configured with horizontal legs connected at their first ends and a vertical leg connected to the top sides at the first ends of the horizontal legs, a base configured for containment to removably mate with and stabilize the stand while the martial arts training device is in use, an inner vertical leg adjustably nested inside the vertical leg, a main frame portion secured atop the inner vertical leg rotatable about a vertical axis; wherein the main frame portion comprises:
(a) a bottom and a pair of sides, wherein the bottom and each of the sides comprise an opening;
(b) a bolt, screw, or pin installed through the bottom opening to releasably secures the main frame to the top of the inner vertical leg,
(c) a top and bottom bearing, washer, or sleeve disposed about the bottom bolt, screw, or pin for securing the main frame such that the bottom of the main frame is disposed therebetween, thereby permitting horizontal movement about the bolt, screw, or pin,
(d) an axle inserted through an axle bar receiver, the axle having a first and second end rotatably secured through the openings in the side portions of the main frame portion, which also releasably secures the axle bar receiver between the side wall portions of the main frame portion, thereby permitting vertically rotation of the axle and axle bar receiver,
(e) a rod or rods being releasably and adjustably connected to either or both side ends of the axle, a weight releasably and adjustably connected to a rod or rods thereby permitting vertical rotation of the weight and rod about the axle,
(f) a bar or bars having a hole near the middle and hole near the first and second ends that when aligned with another bar or the axle bar receiver a pin inserted through the holes near the ends, releasably secures the bar or bars to another bar or the axle bar receiver,
(g) a pad or pads comprising a soft replaceable interior material and a cover made of impact resistant material configured to be secured over the soft interior material comprising a draw string, rope, or wire about its first end, wherein, the pads soft replaceable interior material is configured to slide over the second end of the bar being releasably secured by inserting the string, rope, or wire through the hole near the middle of the bar, resulting in a fluid circular motion of a pad in any direction between completely horizontal and completely vertical when the bar and pad are connected to the axle bar receiver and the martial arts training device is in use,
(h) at least one c-shaped spring adjustably secured to the main frame portion directly below the bar to stop the downward motion of the bar,
(i) an optionally installed return configured to be releasably secured to either bar side of the axle bar receiver portion of the main frame by a bolt, screw or pin and having a piston portion of the return configured to be captured by the cage about the inner vertical leg, such that when the pad is moving in an upward direction and is near vertical, the spring portion about the middle of the piston portion returns the pad downward to the same place about the horizontal circumference where the pad began its upward motion.