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Shoot the boots brand backyard and tailgating game
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1. A toe box article for a kick tossing game or activity, comprising:
(a) an upper, a sole, and two sidewalls that collectively adjoin to create a toe box cavity having an open proximal end and a closed distal end, said upper having a length, a width, and a proximal edge, said sole having a length, a width, and a proximal edge;
(b) a weighted nose within said closed distal end of said toe box cavity, said weighted nose having a proximal surface and a distal surface, said proximal surface having a weight retaining cavity at a central position within said proximal surface, and said distal surface comprising material padding; and
(c) at least one weight held at a position within said weight retaining cavity;
(d) wherein said weight retaining cavity, said weight, and said material padding do not distribute into the-upper, sole, and two sidewalls of said toe box article;
(e) wherein said length of said sole is greater than said length of said upper such that said proximal edge of said sole extends beyond said proximal edge of said upper;
(f) wherein said toe box article is configured for unattached, slidable positioning externally over at least the front or toe portion of left or right footwear, without the use of hands or non-bodily apparatus, and when so fully positioned; said sole does not contact a heel portion of the footwear; and
(g) said toe box article having mirror symmetry across a vertical plane extending through a central longitudinal axis of said toe box article.