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Expandable brachytherapy device
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1. A brachytherapy device for treating tissue surrounding a body cavity within a patient, comprising:
a) a shaft having a proximal portion, a distal portion, a distal treatment portion proximate to the distal portion, and a longitudinal axis, the shaft having a plurality of flexible tubes defining off-set radiation delivery lumens radially off-set from the longitudinal axis, each of the plurality of off-set radiation delivery lumens being configured to receive a radiation source, and the plurality of off-set radiation delivery lumens are deformable into an arcuate shape;
b) an expandable member coupled to the shaft to define an expandable volume that surrounds the distal treatment portion, the expandable member being configured to provide spacing between said distal treatment portion and a treatment zone to reduce a dose gradient to said treatment zone treated by said distal treatment portion; and
c) a cap located on the distal portion of the shaft, and a distal end of each of the plurality of flexible tubes is secured in the cap.