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Immobilization system to support an in vivo medical device
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1. An immobilization system comprising:
a bracket, adapted to secure a medical device placed within a cavity in a body where some part of the medical device extends to an outside of the cavity, the bracket comprising,
a plate having an anterior end and a posterior end,
a channel wall on the plate that defines a receiver,
a slot within the channel wall through which the part of the medical device extending from the cavity passes into the receiver,
a bore through the channel wall that leads into the receiver,
a brace operably connected to the bore, where the brace is configured to advance through the bore and into the receiver to contact and hold the medical device therein,
a first connector at the anterior end of the plate and a second connector at the posterior end of the plate; and
a strap apparatus, adapted to attach around the body, to secure the bracket to the outside of the body cavity.